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What improvements can you expect from a

deformable die ring system?

  • Material Saving - Remove material from areas it’s not needed. On some parts this can reduce weight by more than 10%.

  • Faster Cycle Time - Thick sections take much longer to cool. Eliminating them enables you to open the mold sooner.

  • Tighter Specifications - If you’re setting the weight of the molding to achieve a minimum wall thickness in specific places then you’re probably wasting material in other places.

  • Reduced Distortion - Thick sections shrink more than adjacent thin areas which causes distortion and ‘paneling’ Our 3DX gives you the control needed to eliminate the problem.

  • Increased Strength - Excessive wall thickness is one of the most common cause of drop test failure as thinner sections have the ability to absorb energy, like the ‘crumple zones on an automobile.

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