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You can`t make a good molding with a bad parison!

It is almost unthinkable to attempt the moulding of complex shaped parts without a parison programmer, and yet this control is only capable of making thickness changes in one axis. Any moulding that is asymmetrical or has large differences in front-to-back stretch ratio requires another axis of wall thickness control, and this is where our deformable die ring system come in. By varying the shape and concentricity of the die gap you will have a much greater degree of thickness control. Not only can you shave off vital grams of material, but achieving minimum wall thickness can also be much easier. Typically, cooling time and distortion can also be reduced. Payback on investment has been proven time and time again.



The mechanized matrix, or core, is one of the techniques that blow-moulding fabricators have used for years to improve the distribution of material, but the profile only modifies a part of the longitudinal area of the container. Often, what is needed is a die gap that changes shape as the parison extrudes. This is exactly what our 3DX system does. The flexible die, made from a special alloy, is controlled by two hydraulic cylinders.


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