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Retrofitting of PET injection molds

You too can benefit from the advantages of tool modernization
The arguments are obvious: Before you buy a new 48-cavity tool, for example, you can have it retreaded - for only 60 percent of the new price. In this way you benefit from an almost new tool and huge savings! Added to this is the saved personnel training effort, since your employees are already very familiar with the "old new" machine and will continue to work precisely as on the first day. And that's not all:

  • Increase in production output

  • Adaptation to current norms of
    Occupational safety and environmental

  • Retrofitting automation

  • Adjustments for inclusion in
    automated production facilities

  • Replacement of materials with
    more wear-resistant materials / systems

  • Efficiency increase like energy
    savings through modernization
    of regulators in electric drives


Retrofitting of PET injection molds

And this is how it works: You have your PET injection mold delivered to us by a freight forwarder and get it back modernized after six to five weeks. We replace all wear parts, clean the tool and check its functionality, which we can fully restore if necessary. You get a six month guarantee on all replaced parts.

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